A Conducive Work Space

Desk Spac

There’s nothing like a clean, simplistic, and well thought out work space to accomplish your daily tasks. Spending a lot of time at work and school, I don’t really spend much time at home working on assignments or work-related tasks. Honestly, I get home and dive into bed, lounging and relaxing with some Netflix. However, with the semester starting up at the end of the month, I know I will be extremely busy with school –> work –> work –> school. Not to mention completing my Masters thesis. That being said, I have told myself over and over to create a small workspace in my apartment to channel my inner desire to succeed! I bring you Natalie’s work space titled: Enlighten me with Positivity. I tend to hoard things from small trinkets friends have given to me from abroad, to old receipts dating back 6 months. I got rid of a lot of things and created this simple, and affordable layout. I often see amazing work spaces and apartments on Pinterest, only to discover that the items I want are ALL vintage and nearly impossible to acquire. I got all of the pictured items at the common person’s stores. The gold, industrial lamp was purchases at Target for approximately $38. Stylish, urban, with a new age sophistication, I definitely thought it was the perfect accent for my work space. Not to mention I need proper overhead lighting for late night sessions. I got the white candle for about $10 at Target as well. The Buddha head was also from Target (I love Target -___-  ) for about $12 in the gift aisle. The lotus candle holder is from Michael’s (about $3) and the orange candle in it is a 12 pack set from World Market. The golden hands print is from Etsy. It was a gift from my roommate so I don’t have price details! Lastly, I made the glitter “N” from a series of supplies. You can pick up a cardboard-like letter from your local craft store. I then purchased scrapbook paper in this gold-red glitter style from Michaels, cutting it to fit the “N” proportions. I used super glue to bind the paper to the letter.

Three things guiding my work space design:

1. Simplicity (my life is too hectic. Keeping a simple layout helps me stay grounded in my high paced, hectic life. I chose one statement piece, the lamp. Its clean, urban design reminds me to focus and to remember that less is more.)

2. Inner peace (even though I have 100000 things to do everyday, I need to remember to breathe and stay calm. the buddha and incense remind me of this… Stay grounded and happy)

3. Passion (with my research, I sometimes get stuck. I forget my motivation and drive, and get into ruts. The glitter “N” reminds me that I can accomplish anything I start. When I accomplish tasks and goals, beautiful results come, just like the “N” I created. It is an original work that wasn’t just purchased, but made.)


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