Traveling in Small Doses: 5 Steps to Achieve Weekend Getaways


We yearn for stability, but for spontaneity

For calmness, but for excitement

For stability, but for flexibility

Travel fulfills our need for new experiences, thrill, adrenaline, adventure, exploration, etc. But how do you escape a hectic, busy schedule for some travel time? But how do we balance flexibility and stability when our jobs demand so much of us? Think about traveling in small doses. You don’t have to plan a week long, international excursion. Sometimes, all we need is a three day reset. Learn to balance a hectic schedule with weekend getaways.

  1. Make a wish list- Select 3 places you have always wanted to explore. Miami? NYC? Hawaii? Make a short list of doable trips for the year, and plan them out! I would schedule a trip every 4 months, that way you’ll always have something to look forward to.
  2. Book in advance– Use apps such as Hipmunk, Travelocity, Kayak, to find weekend getaways for future travel. Flights are sometimes as low as $59 rountrip (plus taxes). Your goal here is to book 3 months in advance for each trip.
  3. Find a travel companion(s)– There’s nothing like traveling with people you love. Call up your college best friends, or your significant other, and make sure you are well accompanied!
  4. Plan ahead– Make a list of 5 excursions you want to accomplish in your travel destination. Want to hangglide? Rock climb? Visit a museum? Attend a basketball game? Make sure to plan these out in advance, and make an itinerary for the weekend
  5. Enjoy the weekend- The weekend is here! Make sure you make it to the sights and activities you planned on doing. But most importantly, relax. Vacations are meant for relaxation. If this means spending 3 hours at the beach doing nothing, then do it! This is your trip. Live freely. Live happy.

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