Natural Face and Skin Products

The Balm & Co

Alex Elle is probably my favorite writer. She has two independently published books, about love of course. She started her projects after dealing with heartache and depression, eventually growing a successful entrepreneurship venture in jewelry making, journal making, and now natural facial and skin products. What I find inspiring about her is that everything she does, she does with purpose. Her books expose us to the realities of love and heartache, but also encourage us to look beyond that moment. She pushes people to believe in themselves through the power of words. Further developing that push, she recently launched a set of journals that encourage reflection and well being in our lives, closely relating to love. She connects the daily journal entries to the lunar calendar, which is dope as hell. But today I want to talk about her face & skin products.

As soon as I heard she would be launching this project along with her daughter, I knew I had to make a purchase. It’s comforting knowing that she is a vegan, and is very in tune with using all natural products and consuming conscious food. I have tried the following products:

  • Citrus ginger lip balm (orange butter, GMO free soy wax, sweet almond oil, ginger essential oil)
    • The citrus ginger lip balm is my favorite of all the lip balms! It smells great. Don’t be scared when you hear “ginger.” It is by no means strong, more of a subtle hint of ginger. I love this lip balm because its so soothing. It really feels like the most moisturizing lip balm I have every tried. It’s most likely due to the fact that she doesn’t use petroleum jelly to create the balm, but actual butter.

lip balm

  • Tea oil (jasmine green tea peals, chamomile, black pepper, lemon)
    • This tea oil smells very earthly. You can definitely sense the subtle black pepper combined with the green tea, chamomile, and lemon. I love using it on my face after showers. It serves as a moisturizer replacement. But you can use it for massages, back pain, joint pain, and muscle relaxation.

tea tree

I would definitely recommend this product line. She has an array of products and selection 🙂