Working on Your Happiness: Understanding the Law of Attraction

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I stumbled along this chart on Pinterest, via

You are in control of your life.

Something we all struggle with is letting negative things affect our thoughts, actions, and decisions. Not only does it affect our inner psyche, but it also affects our body. Do you start jerking your leg nervously, do you start feeling sick, does the stress give you a headache? Whatever the situation is, whether its relationship problems, work problems, or an argument with a friend, we have to step back and understand where these feelings come from.

I’m sure you have heard of Newton’s Law of Attraction. In congruence with that, the third law of motion states “for every action there is a reaction.” What does that tell us? The way you behave and act after a negative situation has a consequence. So what? Is that person gonna do something horrible to me?! NO. What I interpret that law to tell us, is that you should heed with warning. If you are going to act negative, sad, or angry because of the situation, it will affect your body. It will affect your state of mind. It is hard to separate a negative experience from your emotions, but I challenge you today to rethink your anger and sadness.

As this chart states, “I am 100% responsible for my life. Everything I experience is a reflection of me. I attract the good, the bad, and the indifferent through my subconscious positive and negative thoughts.”

We need to rethink feelings and experiences, placing responsibility on ourselves. I know we hate placing responsibility on ourselves. I get it. But think about how that can help you realign your body, mind, and soul with positive energy. I attract the energy that surrounds me. If someone wants to get in an argument, do not entertain it. Put out positivity, understanding, and care into the world. Show them that you do not want to argue. It’s hard to separate pride, the desire to be right. But we need to realize that it isn’t so much about who is right and wrong, but what energy we want to reflect and give to the world. Let’s make this world better.

Realign how you think about situations, arguments, sadness. As this image says, “Are you attracting the life you want, or a life of worry and frustration?”

Colors and Stress: Why you should invest in a coloring book


According to an article in the Huffington Post, coloring generates wellness, quietness, and stimulates areas of the brain related to motor skills, senses, and creativity (Santos, Elena, 2014). You may not know that coloring has been applied by psychologists as a relaxation technique (see Carl Jung’s work). The power of coloring lies in its mindfulness characteristics. Mindfulness is the practice of being in the present moment, not allowing thoughts or worries to affect your present state. There are different ways to practice mindfulness including meditation, yoga, and music. Coloring is a fun way of practicing mindfulness while reminding you of childhood bliss. You can use adult geared coloring pages such as the ones featured in Huff Post   You can browse adult coloring books here

However, a great way to start coloring involves Mandalas. Mandalas are a series of geometrical figures centered in one central pattern. Often beautiful in design, they have their origins in India and meditation. Mandalas are said to help one meditate, by encouraging one to focus on the intricate patterns of the mandala, instead of bombarding thoughts. More so, mandalas help you access energy and imagery of the unconscious mind. Here are two pictures of my mandala. It took me a couple of weeks to actually color in the whole mandala, but it was definitely worth it. Look at this beauty! Mandalas are accessible online, simply google “coloring Mandalas.”

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